Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wimzig's Whimsy: Out of Business

((Hey everyone! Funny thing, the other day, I noticed that I was listed on the blogroll of Adventures of Desdarii, most noticeably as an RP blog. Des, are you serious!? HA! I wish I could blog more about my RP adventures, but lately, Bashertin has been hogging up so much time due to his sudden gear-up in the last few weeks. But that doesn't mean I won't pass up an opportunity such as Brewfest...

...well, I wish I could. The thing about brewfest is that there are just so many people doing it who aren't RP'ing (in a way they are simply by immersing themselves into the event, but not really in character), it's extremely difficult to identify people looking for an encounter, especially when your character is already smashed beyond belief. Perhaps one of you could help me out with that!

Thus, sometimes the most enjoyable RP is often the one you simply do with yourself.))

Elune, shoot me now. Let me combust spontaneously, or something!

"Sir! Might I interest you in some of my conjured water?"

"HARRRR?" Said the drunken dwarf.


I waved my arms about as to try to grab his attention, but my sudden realization of his inebration ruined the opportunity.

"Shilly gnome!...hic! Why buy your puny 'il water when I's can drink the finesht brew in all of Azeroth!...hic!"

I stared quizzicaly. My eyes widened in disgust.

Brewfest. Free beer.

"Blast it!" I pumped my fist. "Why now? Why not this weekend, when I would take a momentary break from my journey?"**

"Break from a journey?...Hic! Why not take it now, little man?! Have some ale!"

He fell, leaving a giant thud on the stone walkway leading up to Ironforge. I walked away from him, leaving him in his alcohol-induced coma. If I were to take a break from my quests, I might as well do it here. The beer is free. I'm sure that will compensate for my lowered business activity for the next while.

My vision began to stretch on me. Blame that on alcohol-induced losh of coordination between the brain and the oc...ocular muscles controlling eye m-movement and focus. The only panacea? More brew!


"Beer gogglesh that make ANYone look ACTtractive?" I asked.

"Sure, sweetheart!" The gnome lady said. That girl was a genius. She showed me the schematic. My goodness it works, but Light blesh me, I don't know why. Hic!

AND THEN I shteal that lady's idea and shwo them to another gnomish gal, right? I haf photogra- photogra- I redrew the ssshhkematik...and showed ish to her! Here it is, I think.

Flawless Design!!!!!!1111111!!!1!11oneoneone



And then I hecklez the guy with the rams and the beer kegs! YESH! MOR BEER PLZ!

Oh, and my mother isn't that fat. I just wanted to make that guy riding the ram angry...wait, where'd he go? *hic*

So that's my shtory of Brewfest, YAY! If you excuse me Ineedtorestfortomorrowgoodnightlol.

((**Oh, by the way, I'll be away from Friday to Tuesday. Goin' on a road trip to boston to visit out-of-country family. I'm unsure if I'll be able to have access to the Internet, or time to do much with it. So don't panic if I don't post in a long while! It's because I'm gone!))


Desdarii said...

Perhaps it's just me that can see the RP in so many different things but you do have some RP goodness in here that shouldn't be missed. Just because you don't consider yourself a full time RP-er doesn't make your contributions any less entertaining.

Besides some of your posts are decidedly RP based. I don't care what you say I'm not changing it. :P

krizzlybear said...

Fair enough. Thanks for the roll then! ^_^

As a blogger, I always saw myself as one of those "Jack-of-all-trades" types, who'll just blog about pretty much anything. It's good to know that despite being a "master of none," the different parts are getting fairly equal attention.