Saturday, September 20, 2008

Screenshot: Buccaneers, Big Bad Bosses, and Bashertina!

Yarr! ITLAP day has come and gone so here are a few highlights, revolving mainly around Bashertin and his foray into Day 2 Kara.

Big Bad Wolf, eh? Sounds like fun. Hopefully I won't die and lose my pirate costume...

But I ended up getting the Red Riding Hood Debuff. I lived through it, luckily. But for some reason, after the fight...

Bashertina appears! I must say, I look pretty cute as a female gnome. Must be some Pirate Day bug. Petty scandalous bug, to be honest.

Yarr, Curator be flogged in one go!

Arr! 'tis Illhoof fella be no match for me guild! One shot!

Sometimes, when ye be sailin' for many months, a pirate will eat anything...even mage ghosts!

As Desdarii eloquently points out, "Chess is serious business." Not exactly a costume, but color-coordinated nonetheless. Imagine if my Squirtle was actually THAT big? Me timbers are shivered at the thought!

Other Comments

- T4 Helm for Bash! Yay!
- It's 2:00am, and I'm dead tired lol!
- It's the 20th. Isn't it Brewfest now? All I need is to get me a purple trinket, and then I'll be decked out in purples!
- Couldn't get down Nightbane or Netherspite, but the rest were one-shots. Both bosses, Netherspite in particular, are extremely difficult to learn as a beginner raid.
- I was actually quite impressed with the progress of the first-timers. Not a lot of gear was sharded, so that's a good sign of guildies gearing up.
- This girl messaged me on msn after the raid. I haven't talked to her since high school, and maybe once or twice online since then. We're totally meeting up. Did I forget to mention that she was my first crush when I first entered that high school? *squee* She just got offline actually.

hehehehe. Too tired. I'll get back with y'all on monday. Hope you enjoyed your Talk Like a Pirate day.

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Cynra said...

Strange. I died with the twelve hour buff on me while doing the heroic daily on Feathermoon and the buff disappeared! I wonder if it was because I ran back in instead of having someone resurrect me.

And I think that you make a loverly female gnome!