Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Proper Spelling is the Difference Between...

"Because of my new profession, I would probably need to get my hands on an experienced miner."


"Because of my new profession, I would probably need to get my hands on an experienced minor."

Thank goodness for spell-check.


Ok. That aside, I don't think I actually noticed that the shift to Spellpower would affect DPS classes as well as Healers. Where I once thought that +healing gear were the only ones affected, I now realized, thanks to PuggyPriest, that anything that isn't "spell damage and healing" will get re-adjusted to spellpower.

That means goodbye, Frozen Shadoweave!

When 3.0.x hits, My overall damage is going to drop significantly, simply because my +300-ish frost damage will be converted to +200-ish spellpower, not to mention the supposed nerf specifically to FSW regarding the Spell Hit bonuses. All of a sudden, I don't feel so bad about hording up a bunch of off-spec gear. I already have a super-glamorous shoe collection that I could pick from to replace the FSW Boots, but I'm still looking for replacements for my badge off-hand, and the other two FSW pieces.

It now makes me wonder if I should give up the crafting protection in lieu for a gathering one in preparation for Wrath. I know that money isn't supposed to be a factor in Wrath, but even now, it feels great to have a nest egg to cover my expenses ahead of time. I've been spending a lot lately for consumables and such, and it's only inevitable that I will probably run out of funds.

If my funds hold out, I'll probably drop either my tailoring or enchanting for jewelcrafting. At first, I can use some of my alts to funnel the lower-level ore to my main and power-level it out a bit. But at higher levels, because of my profession, I'll need to get my hands on an experienced miner.

So all in all, I'm not exactly sure what to do. I might even just cop out and Mine/Skin my way into wrath, just for the cash flow.


Sonny said...

I mined my way to 70, and I just had money all the time for no reason. Maximum convenience. I say drop tailoring as soon as you know that flying carpet is BoE.

LarĂ­sa said...

Actually I'm just in the process of switching from herba to tailoring on Larisa. I figure tailoring could be a nice way to gear her for the raiding at lvl 80. I always regeretted never picking it up on my mage. Imo gathering professions is best to have on alts.

Anonymous said...

I tried gathering... discovered that you needed to be online to gather... farmed the AH instead.

Doesn't take up a profession slot yet provides income.

SolidState said...

> crafting protection in lieu for a gathering one

Speaking of typos... not everything can be caught with a spell checker ;)

Here's a tip, something that I've found helps me - always, after posting, read the article with fresh eyes, as if you're reading something written by someone else. Don't skip over even a single word.

Usually (not always admittedly) this reading will turn up syntax and spelling errors.