Monday, September 22, 2008

E-Peen (and Other Awkward Social Experiments)

WHAT WHAT! Top of the DPS! In the brackets, it suggests that I cracked a thousand dps, but doing the math of the actual damage count and the duration of the encounter, My calculations say that I only did about 850.

Either way, *flex*

On Sunday out I got called upon by my guild to help with Gruul's as well. Another one of our mages ended up tanking Krosh, but it was a wipefest either way. I stepped in a few times when the mage died to take up the tanking duties, but at that point wipe status was inevitable anyways.

After getting the Brewfest caster trinket, Be Imba told me that I can actually start doing SSC/TK, as well as do BT/MH trash. I don't have the HP to survive the BT bosses, but it's a comforting thing to know. I might consider pugging out higher tiered raid runs whenever someone announces it on realm forums or LFG. Case in point, the Nalorak fight screenshotted above was from a PuG.

But that's really a side thing, since my main focus is both helping the guild gear up. But on the side, I want to network with other guilds to make myself available to be pugged on new content that I would love to see.

So there you go. I've re-established my goals leading up to the expansion, and I am even more motivated now to see new content without dropping my current guild commitments. Sounds pretty hardcore from an outside perspective, but since I'm overgeared for T4 anyways, I have no qualms against geeking out that extra content on the side.

Speaking of which, the GeekEteers are a pretty neat bunch of bloggers who dabble into everything geek. Comic Books, Video Games, Anime and Manga, you name it. They were at Fan Expo this year, a con in Toronto that I visit annually. They do have a very nerdy yet humorous journalistic flare, as shown in the video below. Go ahead and take a look.

At 3:23 and 4:06, there's a hilarious non-interview with a peculiar person playing WoW.

Um, yeah. That was me. LOL! The bit was scripted, obviously. My tunnel vision while playing WoW isn't THAT bad...or so I've been told.


Basil said...

That was awesome. Completely awesome.

LarĂ­sa said...

Congratulations to breaking 1k!

But I was hugely disappointed at the video. Just turning your back against us? Didn't those so called journalists realize they were facing one of the most talented bloggers whatsoever in the wowian blogosphere? They just let you go!
Ignorent. They should have done better research!

krizzlybear said...

@basil: the best part is when they got to interview henry winkler. the fonz alone is worth watching the video!

oh, and emperor palpatine = greatest emperor.

@lar: haha, you flatter me so. looking back, i might have done more harm than good simply by perpetuating the antisocial stereotypes often put on us wow players.

but in the end, they were actually very nice, and had no predisposition regarding people who play wow. i told them off-camera that i actually write a wow blog, but regardless, we both agreed that it would be funnier.

it's always good to laugh at ourselves once in a while.

Ely Henry said...

Hehe. The magic of the internety.

I was indeed that nerdy journalist.

Glad to see you liked it for the most part.

And larisa, yes, next time, I must research...I am ashamed of myself.