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I Was Pretty Much Half Asleep For All of These.

I'm lovin' this meme/game/etc. I'm not going to provide much background information about it, since if you're reading this, you've probably already gotten tagged, or have read a blog that already has been tagged. I do mention, however, that it was Gnomeageddon who tagged me, so I'm going to get this thing over with, and see what I can come up with. I assure you, though, that due to my youth, I probably missed a bunch of these events, so it will end up being a pretty boring entry, and as a result, I will probably add a few events that are relevant to my interest.

But just in case you do get bored of this entry, do check out Wimzig's response, based on events surrounding the lore of Warcraft.

Where were you during...

September 11 Attacks
I was in grade 10, in the middle of my Science homeroom. While the lesson was going on, we were all doing our own things and not paying attention, and an announcement came up through the P.A. system, coming from our school chaplain (I went to a catholic school). I remember the tone in his voice when he had said that a plane had crashed into the first tower.

Personally, it was too early in the morning to really soak it in, a sentiment shared by the rest of the class. But later, he gave another announcement when the second tower was hit, and another when the first building fell, and when the second fell. And by that time, the class had already stopped, and we were all watching CNN on our in-class TV (each class had a TV with cable). At the end, he said a somber prayer to the entire school through the P.A.

I called my mom, who worked downtown at the time, on my cell to see if she had heard about it. She said that her office building was evacuated due to the threat of terrorism. Supposedly, since a few planes heading to New York were stopped in Newfoundland or somewhere close to that area, the Canadian Government wanted to make sure that any potentially-hijacked planes in Canada would cause any sort of structural damage.

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster January 28, 1986
I was still inside my mom's womb. I would ask her what she was doing, but she doesn't have that kind of memory, nor was she in North America at the time.

Reagan Assassination Attempt March 30, 1981
Not born yet.

John F. Kennedy’s Assassination November 22, 1963
Not born yet. To put things into perspective, my mom was only 2 years old. =/

John Lennon’s Death December 8, 1980
Not born yet.

Kurt Cobain’s Death April 5, 1994
I was close to turning 8, and I didn't know who the person was. But I had a few cousins who told me later on that they were huge fans, and they were really sad about the whole thing.

Adding my own events...

Princess Diana's Death August 31, 1997
It was a Saturday, I believe. The extended family was celebrating my grandma's birthday at a nice banquet hall. My parents and I got home from the party at around 3am, and my mom got a call on her phone from one of the relatives, telling her to turn on the TV. She switched it to CBC (canadian broadcasting coorporation) and there was live footage of the car wreck, and Di had already been declared as dead. We stayed up until 4am continuously watching the news to see how everything had happened. It wasn't as grave to me as it was for my parents, and uncles and aunts, since I was 11 at the time, but it was discussed in the classroom when school started up again a few days later.

Toronto Propane Explosions August 10, 2008
If you're not familiar with this, do check out this wiki entry, and this video below:

I happen to live around this area, luckily just outside of the municipality of the propane depot. When the first explosion happened, the house was rocked awake. You could see the flames from a very long distance. My dad and I went up to the roof of our house to see what was going on. We were able to see the very blast shown at 1:50 of the above video, because I remembered it with my own eyes. I had work the very next day, and because of the blast, I had practically only 4 hours of sleep (12-4), so I was pretty much out of it for the whole day.

And that's it for me. Not going to tag anyone, because I'm lazy like that.

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