Monday, September 15, 2008

Alternate Blog Descriptions

This is just a placeholder post for past, present, and future Blog Descriptions that would be used on the banner of this blog. I have been tempted to change the blog description for a while now, but resisted the urge to do so, since it would open the floodgates to constant blog description changes. Well, today I'm opening them up.

"There's something cool about frost-specced mages and death knights that make me shiver. Wait, that wasn't supposed to be the joke, dammit. ugh, /wrist"

"When life hands you lemons, summon lemonade elementals."

"Because 2.1-second Frostbolts just aren't enough."

"A blog about a cryomaniac, cryophile, a ran out of suffixes."

"If you're looking for Fire of Arcane, you're in the wrong place."

"A Frost Mage walks into a bar. He blogs about it the next day."

"Looking into the World of Warcraft from the bottom of a glass of Conjured Water."

"Step out of the harsh cold of Northrend into a place where it's...not as cold."


Anonymous said...

Perspectives from the bottom of a glass... of water?

krizzlybear said...

conjured water.

Larísa said...

Got a bit worried the other day after those confessions about levelling a druid. The blogging community is teaming with druids! I don't want another druid blog. I want your lovely mage blog to remain mage.
Those blog descriptions made me feel a bit calmer. You'll stay mage in the expansion, wont you? Is it a promise?

krizzlybear said...

Don't worry Larí, I'm always a mage at heart. The tree is just an alt. When wrath comes, I'll remain a tried and true Frost Mage, but expect to see Frost Specced Death Knight stuff as well. If anything, The DK will take over alt duties in place of the druid.