Friday, October 3, 2008

Wimzig's Whimsy: A Different Kind of Debate (Part I)

Krizzlybear: Welcome, kind readers, to a special edition of WW. Firstly, I would like to present to you conundrum that I have faced in my WoW gaming career.

Lately, I've been doing a lot of work on Bashertin, my main, but have distributed playing time between Leyola and Wimzig as my alts. With an expansion coming around the corner, a Death Knight is expected to join the ranks as co-main, leaving very little playtime to be distributed between the remaining two.

As such, in the spirit of yesterday's US vice presidential debate, I have summoned the presence of both Wimzig Wintersprug and Leyola Swiftwillow to debate the merits of being the third wheel in the upcoming expansion. I will be acting as the moderator. Without further ado, let's bring out the participants, shall we?

*Enter Leyola and Wimzig, audience applause*

Krizzlybear: Greetings Leyola and Wimzig. To be blunt, this is going to be a debate for more playtime in the upcoming expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. I will be asking questions to the both of you, and you will be given only a paragraph or so to make your point. At that time, the other individual will be given the opportunity for a rebuttal. Are the rules understood?

Leyola: Yes.

Wimzig: Indeed!

Kriz: Excellent. I have flipped a coin prior to the start of this event, and Leyola will be answering first. Let's begin.


Kriz: The first question is very straightforward. Please introduce yourself to the audience with a brief character history, in-game or otherwise. Leyola, you first.

Leyola: Thank you, Kriz. I would like to first state that it is an honor to be a part of your blog, despite not being a mage myself. My name is Leyola Swiftwillow, and I was born around 300 years ago in the forests of Ashenvale. My parents fought in the battle of Mount Hyjal, and now live as retired veterans of the third war. Thanks to their respected position, I was allowed permission to learn the arts of druidism in Teldrassil, and have developed a penchant for the restorative powers of nature. I am in my 52nd season.

Kriz: Thank you Leyola. Wimzig?

Wimzig: Very well! My name is Wimzig Wintersprug. I am a water vendor from Ironforge. Originally from the underground city of Gnomeregan, I inherited my family's business. Then the troggs came. The folks and I escaped unharmed, but our legendary business has been reduced to nothing. Thus, I have decided to take the shop on the road, and taken up cryomancy to complement my hydration services as well as protect me on my travels. So far, it has been 17 seasons since I last left Ironforge.

Kriz: Thank you for the responses. The two of you are indeed interesting figures. Following up that question, what have the two of you been up to recently? Wimzig, let's start with you.

Wimzig: Well, um...*laughs* be precisely honest, I don't actually remember much. Supposedly I was recruited to help the Westfall militia deal with the defias threat, but those efforts were halted indefinitely by none other than brewfest.

Lots of drinking to be had, I'm quite sure of that! Not great for business, I presume.

Leyola: Some of the elders of the Cenarion Circle have felt strange omens originating from a distant land. They are convinced that a shadow looms over Azeroth, threatening to wipe out that which we have worked so hard to create.

I have volunteered to work with the other alliance journeymen as they venture into the depths of dungeons such as the Sunken Temple of Atal'hakkar and the depths of Blackrock Spire, in an attempt to bolster the spirits of those who are prospected to be a part of a future effort against this threat.

Kriz: Very well, Leyola. Speaking of looming threat, have either of you heard about these individuals known as Death Knights?

Wimzig: Of course! Word from the Thunderbrew distillery says that there exists a group of people who were dominated by their own lust for power, resultingly losing their very freedom.

A tragic story, indeed, but within lies a very intriguing power. Some of which resonate with my own.

Kriz: You mean, frost.

Wimzig: Bingo!

Leyola: I object to Mr. Wintersprug's statement, Kriz.

Kriz: Why so?

Leyola: Because, the individuals that Wimzig speaks of are a force of death, one that threatens all that is filled with life!

Wimzig: A redundant statement, quite frankly.

Kriz: Now now. Let's have some order here. Leyola, please. Now is your opportunity for a rebuttal.

Leyola: Certainly. Wimzig is grossly misinformed. The information that he relies on come from an unreliable source. Rumor? from a bar? Not exactly reliable information.

According to the Cenarion Circle, these individuals are known as Death Knights, and from their experiences in the Third War, they wrought disease and death to everything they touched, and soiled the ground they have walked on.

Kriz: I understand your concern, Leyola. But as the moderator, it is my duty to inform the both of you that a Death Knight will soon be a part of Krizzlybear's WoW team.

*audience gasps, applauds*

Kriz: Yes. Death Knights will be joining the ranks of the Alliance. Regardless of your opinion of them, you will have to cope with coexistence. How do the two of you plan on doing so, if at all? Wimzig, you first.

Wimzig: Well, apparently, these people are extremely seasoned warriors. I suppose I have no alternative but to go with the flow, depending on how the situation goes.

I estimate a 98 percent chance that this new recruit is going to specialize in frost. If that is the case, I for one welcome our icy overlords!

*audience laughs*

Kriz: That could mean the beginning of a frosty friendship. Leyola, your thoughts?

Leyola: If they are a part of the solution, then they won't be a problem. But the fact remains that they are destructive to the earth. It is my duty then to nurture that which they don't mean to destroy, even if it means healing Death Knights themselves.

At the very least, they will become powerful allies who are capable of protecting others from harm. It is then my duty to mend their wounds, if they feel pain at all...

Kriz: Miss Swiftwillow, you certainly live up to your name, quick to bend and adapt to your surroundings, regardless of their nature.

Leyola: All in good nature, my friend.

Kriz: Okay then. Let's shift the perspective away from Azeroth, and a little bit beyond the game itself. I write a blog, and so far, I have settled myself within a wonderful community in the internether. What dynamic do you feel you bring to my blog? Leyola, you're first.

Leyola: I certainly haven't had the same exposure on your "blog" as my opponent, but I feel that I can bring a different perspective to your content. Considering that you are a mage specialist, my opponent does not bring anything new to the table, since your main member, Bashertin, is the source of your knowledge as a Frost Mage.

Now, my opponent also promised that he would provide a unique take on slaying multiple enemies, but he himself has yet to fulfil that promise! He is not even seasoned enough to have the tools to successfully carry out his plan.

Kriz: Wimzig, your rebuttal?

Wimzig: We don't need more information about druids on the internether. That is all I have to say about that.

Now, I on the other hand, have much more experience as the focus of the moderator's blogging content, providing a fresh take on a class he knows and loves. To simply chronicle my adventures in Azeroth, particularly with other aspiring individuals such as myself, is an attractive premise to a good portion of the moderator's readership. My opponent isn't experienced enough to do what I do.

Kriz: Seems like the debate has just started to heat up. Now is a good time to have our intermission. We will return with part II of the debate, where we will discuss issues such as the economy, foreign relations (death knights) in greater depth.

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