Monday, October 20, 2008

What a Wild Weekend!

Some crazy server population going on in US Arygos! It must have taken at least half an hour before an instance server freed up a spot for the Ironwill Mercenaries to have their slightly-pugged guild run at Magtheridon on Sunday. Makes me really look back at my slight dissatisfaction with my personal and guild raid progression.

Then Blizzard nerfed the bosses to the ground. I end up one-shotting Gruul with a pug, and we two-shot Maggys! Hooray!

But while I'm on the subject of Gruul, I must mention that the Warrior/Priest Druid tokens dropped ALL six times on Saturday. The loot gods must have taken notice, since maggy dropped the T4 Token for Hunter/Mage/Warlock. Twice.

And I lost roll. Both of them. Terrible rolls btw.

LOL. Just kidding! I love pulling yer leg, dear reader. I surely hope you forgive my jest. Maybe some sparkling teeth might swoon you back.

Shiny teeth, Tier 4 Robe included. Seriously, I've done so many Hallow's End achievements, and it's only day 3 of this holiday. I'm just a Squashling away from "the Hallowed." I'm loving this game all over again! /hug Blizzard

Come back again tomorrow, I'll be making a more thoughtful post about the state of Blizzard AoE grinding in the new patch.

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LarĂ­sa said...

You sound pretty speeded. Probably a sign of eating too many candies... Gratz to the loot and the boss kill anyway. Nerfed or not, some shiny new gear doesn't hurt, does it?