Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wimzig's Whimsy: An Introduction

After a brief, yet cathartic exchange of comments in an earlier post, I've realized that my itch to roleplay is a lot bigger than I had led myself to believe. While Wrath is more than several months away, I had planned to save up some money and badges for the upcoming expansion. Currently, Bashertin is sitting pretty at sixtysomething badges, and over two thousand gold. Other than weekly Kara raids, there's pretty much nothing else that he needs to do in order to prepare for the expansion's arrival.

Then the blog happened. I had become so fulfilled in my own class and spec that I simply wanted to revel in it with my own personal blog, and hoped that in the process of sharing my thoughts to the open public, perhaps I could mark my place in the WoW community. Lo and behold, I had a spotlight temporarily aimed at me, simply because of a post I wrote based on a very silly idea.

So now there's a bit of pressure on me to continue sharing my "unorthodox" ideas with the rest of the WoW community, and I figured that there were plenty of things to delve into regarding the Frost Mage that others might not appreciate or have access to. First and foremost, I wanted to start a step by step guide to AoE grinding. In a series of screenshot-accompanied posts, I wanted to teach the first-time mages of the internether how to wield such awesome abilities. But then the RP bug bit, and I also decided that I wanted to dive into the world of RP. What did I decide, then?

Simple. Do both.
And thus, Wimzig Wintersprug was born.

Wimzig isn't your typical frost mage. Heck, he's not even a frost mage at all. Not yet at least. He's a middle-aged gnome who grew up in the water vending busness. As a youngling in Gnomeregan, he learned the ways of the hydration business through the family, and has become quite a connaisseur of liquid refreshments. He's quite learned as well, but only in the fields of alchemy and botany. Combined with his recently acquired ability to conjure and manipulate water through magecraft, which he learned from a good friend of his, Marryk Nurribit, the mage trainer from Dun Morogh, Wimzig has determined to head off into the world of Azeroth and beyond, hopefully to further develop his current abilities, and maybe one day become either a master of cryomancy, or to conjure and sell the perfect bottle of water.

Wimzig can be found on US Scarlet Crusade. I've already reached level 6 with him, and hopefully as I level into the appropriate tiers, I can hopefully use him as an example of how to properly grind mobs using the AoE technique.

So far, progress has been pretty positive, and I've already experienced my first (albeit minor and insignificant) experience with roleplay. Normally, in regular servers, lowbies might approach you as you level a lowbie alt and ask for money, maybe along the lines of "CAN I HAS GOULD PLZ!?" Negatory! RP servers know how to do it with style!

So this gnome approaches me, and asks, "Might you have some spare silver? I need to buy me a skill, and I got absolutely no cash."

And I, also a gnome, respond in kind.

Druidchick would be so proud of me.


LarĂ­sa said...

Oh! This is just adorable!
I'm so looking forward to get the mysteries of aoe grinding explained to me - and in combination with some sparkling first-time-role-playing-enthusiasm... what more could you wish for!

Wimzig - I greet you warmly! (or should I say coldly considering the inclination of your master?)

gnomeaggedon said...

lol.. "a little short as well..."
Ohhh I laughed...

Nice one.

If Wimzig ever needs his ice melted for a nice cup of herbal tea, just drop Gnomeaggedon a line.

Looking forward to this...

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