Monday, August 25, 2008

Frosty Foes: Murmur

(image courtesy of Wowhead)

(Frosty Foes is a series of posts outlining various Boss Fights in heroic 5-man dungeons as well as 10-man raiding dungeons. Here, I will try to outline a number of strategies to employ when fighting the boss as a Frost-specced mage.)

Murmur is the last boss in Shadow Labyrinth. He's an ancient elemental, and is considered to be the primordial essence of sound, which is quite ironic since his namesake is an understatement of his status...

The stage of battle consists mainly of a generally flattened circular area, with Murmur standing in the middle. He is surrounded by a slightly raised ring that can be walked over.

Super-Cool Paint Diagram of Super-Coolness

(Image courtesy of ME! Image took over 300 hours on MSPaint)

A - Murmur. No haphazardly drawn stick figure face can ever accurately portray his badassery.
B - Area inside the raised ring. Pew pew occurs here.
C - The ring. Don't try your luck with the pew pew while standing here. My lag issues have caused me to get hit while standing here.
D - Outside the ring. No pew pew allowed. Run here to avoid AoE attacks.

Relevant Abilities

Non-melee damage dealt by Murmur is of the Nature type, unless otherwise stated.

Sonic Boom - A chat message will indicate that Murmur will begin to draw energy from the surrounding air. After the cast finishes, Murmur will release an AoE attack to everyone within 34 yards of himself, dealing damage appoximately 70-85% of your health, plus a DoT that saps 12% of your health for 6 seconds. Also slows.

Murmur's Touch - Debuff is applied to a single target, drawing the party towards it. After 10 seconds, the target explodes for approximately 4k damage to all targets within 10 yards of the target, and will send him flying high up into the air. Players hit by the AoE will also be silenced.

Resonance - If no players are in melee range, this attack will apply a debuff to all members that initially hits for approximately 2k damage, and will increase nature damage (essentially all non-melee damage) by 2k for each stack of the debuff applied.

Magnetic Pull - A player is drawn towards murmer, and will get hit by a melee attack.

Sonic Shock - Shocks for around 2-3k damage, and leaving a DoT debuff.

Thundering Storm - Hits players standing in an area (D) outside of the raised ring for around 2k damage.



Just don't. You'll get hit regularly by Thundering Storm, and the Healer will not be able to keep up, and you'll just die. Instead, it is safest to stay inside the ring (B), but make sure to not be too close.

In heroic mode, Murmur's Touch will move all party members, including the tank, to the debuff target. Instead of having all members run away from the debuffed guy, make sure the debuff guy runs away from the group, in any area outside the ring far away from the other members. If you get debuffed, your Ice Block will protect you from the explosion, but will still hit your party, so it's not advised to use it while still close to your team. Instead, use it after you run away from the group.

Pay attention to chat. When you see a message saying that Murmur is drawnig in energy, Make sure to run out of your own Frostbolt casting range, otherwise you'll get hit with a Sonic Boom. To be efficient, use Blink to get out of range.

Water Elemental Management

Pop your Water Elemental as soon as the fight starts. Park him outside of the ring (D); he will not be targetted by Thundering Storm (at least, in my experience, he hasn't been hit yet.) He will not get hit by the damaging AoE attack either, since he is out of range by a confident margin. Thus, he will last for the entire duration, and will always run out of mana before his time runs out.

Be sure to talk over with your team regarding where the player with Murmur's Touch will run. When this spot is established, make sure that the Elemental is far away from that spot, to ensure that he doesn't die from the explosion.

When your pet expires, use Coldsnap when appropriate, then repeat the above process.

Cooldown Management

Icy Veins/DPS trinkets - Use as soon as you get into ranged position, and when the Tank has built up enough threat. Effective subsequent cooldowns should be spent after a Sonic Boom, d you get back into range.

Ice Barier - Use while running away from Sonic Boom, just in case you happen to get hit. Otherwise, you shouldn't be taking damage unless you get debuffed.

Blink - Use while running away from Sonic Boom. Also, use when you get the Murmur's Touch debuff to quickly get to your designated spot, away from your party.

Ice Block - Use when you get the Murmur's Touch debuff. Make sure you are already at your designated spot away from the group before the explosion occurs, otherwise you will be sent into the air. If by any chance you're sent into the air by the explosion, you can use the cooldown to prevent damage done by falling. You can also use it if you know that you're not going to be able to get out of range from Sonic Boom, but because of the cooldown time on this spell, it's best to eschew this spell in favor of Blink.

Cold Snap - If you get debuffed early in he fight, save the cooldown for when you have already used up both Water Elemental and Ice Block. If you used the Elemental already, but did not get debuffed, use your judgment on whether or not to use the cooldown.

Fire Blast - Use while moving away from your party if you get the debuff, or while running out of range from Sonic Boom, but only if you cannot use your Blink. Survival is more important than DPS in this fight, so make sure to use the more important cooldown, since the global cooldown may prevent you from using one spell after casting another.

Notable Drops

Silent Slippers of Meditation - decent overall stats
Greatsword of Horrid Dreams - Spell Hit. Wonderful 1-hander for pre-kara raiding preparation.
Kirin Tor Master's Trousers - 3 sockets, +Hit socket bonus, Epic Drop
Belt of Depravity - Spell Hit, Epic Drop, very low drop rate. Also drops from the last boss of Heroic Arcatraz.
Pattern: Spellstrike Pants - If you're a tailor (highly suggested), this is a godsend for decently high-tiered raiding.
Rune Covered Chrysoprase - decent gem, but there are better options in its colors.
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