Saturday, August 30, 2008

Frosty Foes: The All-Purpose Karazhan Guide

(Frosty Foes is a series of posts outlining various Boss Fights in heroic 5-man dungeons as well as 10-man raiding dungeons. Here, I will try to outline a number of strategies to employ when fighting the boss as a Frost-specced mage.)

What originally started as a matrix comparing the different Opera Event strategies actually expanded to become all of Karazhan. So I decided to go the distance in the form of a neat little .bmp

Step 1: Click Picture.
Step 2: Right Click, Save as.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!

Just a few things about the above picture that I will clearly edit later.
- I only mentioned that Water Elemental is capable of tanking the other Elementals because it is immune to waterbolts, but the adds are also immune to waterbolts, meaning that your pet will not attack them, and thus will not tank them. I will change this.
- I've had invisibility "work" on BBW when I got turned into RRH. The timing is so important, because you're VERY likely to get hit while waiting for the effect to tick down. Even then, when the invisibility effect occurs, you can still get hit. When it happened to me, the "leaving combat" message turned up the same time I lost the RRH debuff, so I can't really say at the moment which it is. I encourage you mages to try it out anyways.


LarĂ­sa said...

I can't say I usually like in-depth karazhan guides at blogs, especially the ones which don't add anything special to what you could have read at Wowwiki/Bosskiller or whatever strategy collection site.

But this one is different. It's got a distinct mage, or even frost mage perspective and i just love the format which goes to the essentials and gives a great overview.

This thing about going inv at BBW makes me a bit curious. How is it even possible??? I'm sad to say but I still hate that guy since I'm so likely to die quckly.

krizzlybear said...

it really depends on your raid's positioning. My guild likes to tank him at one corner, and have all range dps stand on the adjacent (not opposite) corner. In the event that one of the ranged has RRH, it will take some time for the wolf to run towards the debuffed individual. Next time I go there, I'm going to hit invis as soon as I get the debuff, and I'll do my report.

When I managed to live through the invis last time, I merely phased out of combat, but when i phased in, I was immediately in combat again, since I couldn't really go anywhere.

Basil said...

This is genius and ingenious. I do believe that really nothing else is required for a Karazhan primer. Just a general info on the fight itself, and then this.


isheepthings said...

I like this as well. Often times when I face off with a encounter that I haven't done for awhile, I don't want to weed through an entire strat guide. I want 2-3 quick bullet points to keep me in line. Good idea.

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