Monday, August 25, 2008

Work Hard, Play Hard

WoW, I've had such a busy weekend. Fan Expo was a blast! I got to meet a bunch of interesting people and the celebs of the geeky world. Buzz Aldron was there for meet and greets, so was Henry Winkler of Fonzilicious fame. I picked up a bunch of Nintendo themed T-shirts to go with my Wii baseball cap that I obtained when Brawl came out; now I'm 2/5 in Fanboy Regalia, and looking for the pants, shoes, and the old-school Nintendo power glove to complete the set (omg I'm such a nerd).

I also sat down to check out a few matches of Major League Gaming (MLG) action. The MLG pro tour stopped by Toronto for a nice little Halo team tournament and showcased some competitive Gears of War as well. No WoW pvp tournaments this time, to my disappointment. Oh well, maybe next year, when Lich King PvP is in full swing. It's going to be so much different this time around than it was when BC or vanilla WoW came out.

I (unsurprisingly) managed to visit the Blizzard Booth. Albeit smaller this time around than last, they had a few terminals to allow the sampling of their famous MMO. No wrath content, but I did get the chance to log on for a while to try out their WoW-branded laptops. And my goodness they are pretty fricken sweet. I pugged the last boss of Regular Mana Tombs just to get the feel for it, and the framerate and aesthetic output quality is quite delicious. Definitely worth the price if you don't know how to look around and barter for a quality machine.

Either way, I only managed to go to the Expo on the Friday after work, and didn't return on the Sunday. I ran into an old friend of mine on the morning train on Friday, and invited me to an outing with a bunch of other old high school friends. As gamer-obsessed as I am, I still hold real life over anything else, which included the convention as well as a Kara Raid that was scheduled on Sunday.

We all hung out from 1 to 7pm on Sunday, doing a few rounds of laser tag and a 711 slurpee raid. Coincidentally, there were 10 of us there, and you can probably say I was DPS'ing quite hard on my microwave rib sandwich. At the same time, I managed to catch up with a bunch of amazing people, most of whom I have not seen since I graduated high school, which was about 4 years ago.

Coming home, I managed to catch the later half of the in-game raid on Vent. Unluckily enough, the T4 helm dropped off of prince for mages, hunters, and warlocks, and one of our newly recruited locks managed to grab it with the minimum DKP bid. POO! Another reason to despise warlocks even more! Oh well, one day I'll get a hold of the helm, and my uninterruptible frostbolty goodness will shine!

The weekend was quite busy, and as of right now, I'm actually half-dead at work. In between a convention on Friday, friends on Sunday, and a family birthday party on Saturday, I managed to do the following in-game:

- get Wimzig to his 17th season
- gemming my previously obtained badge pants with AH-bought rare-quality damage gems.
- On Bashertin, buy my way into exalted with scryers
- farmed 6 primal manas for self-crafting rune thread
- farm the weapon spellpower enchant and enchanted my Honor Hold rep sword
- combining the previous two points, getting my spellpower up to the 900's!
- powerlevel my first aid from late 100's to 375
- get both cooking and fishing to from 200-ish to 225
- replace my netherweave bags with imbued ones
- made back all the money spent on scryer rep (600 signets approximately), 4 primal manas, AH gems, mageweave cloth for first aid (the former being quite expensive on my server), and enchanting mats (somehow ran out of planar essences due to imbued netherweave bags and weapon spellpower), by farming Legion Hold for Aldor rep items and making bags out of cloth drops, ending the weekend with a net loss of only 40g.

As it stands, I'm still about 3 thousand gold away from epic flight, but with my new choice farming spot established, I will have plenty to do in between raids until Wrath comes out. Again, I'm glad to be back in the office to get back into the swing of things blogging-wise, and in particular I hope to offer my two cents regarding the Lezipig WotLK Cinematic (which was quite cool in its own right). As the old Simpsons saying goes, "We work hard, we play hard!"


Zupa said...

...that's a seriously productive weekend....

Or unproductive depending how you look at things!

So do tell, where's this farming spot you have found and also, how hard was it to get that spellpower enchant? Seems like everyone has it these days except for me!

krizzlybear said...

Legion Hold, the demon place right at the entrance of shadowmoon valley. The dudes there are easy as hell to kill. A shatter combo will kill them flat-out with my spell damage, and I can keep mana up by using mana emeralds on every cooldown and remaking a new one each time. If necessary, I'll simply evocate; I never have downtime. The dudes drop cloth, aldor items, and plenty of neat greens. Most importantly, there's A BILLION OF THEM. There's an elite or that patrols the area, but he's big and moves really slowly, so you can move away fairly easly whenever he's somewhat closeby.

As for the spellpower enchant, it dropped fairly early for me. All I did was fly low looking for Bashir Spell-Thieves, and dropping down just to down them specifically. Fly too high and you'll get pwned by the epic dragon thingy patrolling the area.

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