Friday, August 29, 2008

Here's to 50 More!


This isn't exactly the sort of celebration I wanted to do today, since I consider posting milestones (by quantity) not as important as actual duration (by weeks/months/years) milestones, but this is probably the first milestone a blogger could probably reach in his long career, aside from the 1-month milestone that I completely forgot about and simply breezed through. Holy crap that was a long sentence; quite indicative of my progress as an author. But I didn't mean to do it, honest!

I'm actually quite surprised that it happened so soon. I blame work, really. Little to do workwise, and hour long lunchbreaks where I only spend 5 minutes eating. I also blame my waning interest in fanfiction (it's cyclical, so I'll get back into it soon inevitably). Double, and sometimes triple-posting within one day helped, but posting nearly every day really helped, and I'm actually quite surprised that I haven't run out of things to post about. There's just so much about the world inside and outside the game, and I hardly doubt that well is going to dry up anytime soon.

There's a bunch of people that I really want to thank, but it's just easier to group them into groups to reduce the amount of linking that I have to do (you expect me to WORK on Fridays? Please!), and ensure that no name is left out. If you blog about mages, you belong on this list. If you blog about RP, you belong on this list. If you blog about raiding, you belong on this list. If you blog about casual play, you belong on this list. If you blog about lore, you belong on this list. If you blog about casual roleplaying, lore-mongering mages who find time to raid, you belong on this list. Okay, that last category doesn't count; I simply made it up because it describes me quite well as a blogger in this community. After a nice 50 posts (a soon-to-be irrelevant statistic), I have settled into a comfortable niche within the blogging community.

And quite honestly, even if you don't fall into any of these categories listed, you're still a big part of my own development as a writer and a WoW player. So really, disregard what I just said about wanting to thank people specifically. You are all amazing people who are part of an amazing group of people who play an amazingly awesome game, and I thank you just for being there.

Ultimate cop-out post complete. Hope to see you all again after another 50, 100, 1000, and more!


Gargalesis said...


Knurd said...

Congrats on your first 50! I have enjoyed the reading and can't wait for the next 50!

Anonymous said...

I have loved all 50, can't wait for the next 50.

I think I am going to try and slip sideways into your last category (maybe sans the loremongering bit.. that's a bit hard core).

I drafted a post about the origins of Gnomer... based on the 5 question concept (which I know wasn't your's to begin with, but it was your post that inspired me).

OK, so now I just need to find the time while I am ducking and weaving...

krizzlybear said...

Thanks all!


LarĂ­sa said...

I'm one of your biggest fans, you're extremely talented and have the rare ability to jump into different genres and master them all. From humour to personal/serious to roleplaying to educating... You'll find a little of everything in your blog. And you've quickly found a distinct voice of your own.

I think it's great you've been posting so frequently. You've established a habit which is hard to get out of. (I've got a theory that you're more likely to stop blogging and run out of topics if you publish to seldom).

I'll definitly be around when you'll celebrate number 100. And 200!

This was a long ranting way just to say: congrats and thank you for all you have given us.

Jamie said...


And omg I'm totally a casual roleplaying, lore-mongering mage who find time to raid. You and me, we need to be best friends. No seriously. I'm making you a friendship bracelet right now.

~ Desdarii

krizzlybear said...

thanks lar!

@des: completely the reason why you're on my blogroll! /highfive

Anonymous said...

well done! and keep it up

Anonymous said...

Explaining I will do... later in the week.
For the record, I am still Fire Spec'd, and will definitely continue to represent the hard to find Fire Mages in the blogging community.

That said, I might get a little frosty this week.. we will see...

Maybe it's just Wimzig is having a "bad" influence on me ;-)

Pike said...


<- is not a mage >.>

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