Monday, August 18, 2008

I feel like an idiot...

It was one of those weekends...

So, um, today was supposed to be the day my Blizzard AoE Grinding guide goes up, but um...nope. I messed up my home computer. Big time. To make it as simple as possible, I was trying to delete certain key registry folders to make my fraps work (since the previously installed demo caused my full version to not start up), but I guess I ended up deleteing the ENTIRE REGISTRY.

So um, give me some time to get my computer up and running again when I come home from work, then maybe I'll be able to get some semblance of a AoE grinding guide. In the meantime, any advice would be appreciated regarding which screen capturing program (ie fraps) is ideal for setting up on my computer without accidentally sys32'ing my computer.
So until then, um...whatever, I feel so dumb, lol.


Pike said...

ah, don't feel too dumb, I've done similar things before. Last time I did that, my computer was out of commission for a week. (The good news is, I got to have a Linux geekery marathon when trying to set it back up!)

krizzlybear said...

well, to be on the bright side, I managed to do a system restore before I went to bed last night(hooray windows!), and got my XP running again, but I'm not sure if all of my documents have been deleted as a result of it. Most likely though, which means all of my music/photos/anime are pretty much wiped out. /cry

Enyx said...

I'd recommend getting an external hard drive (or at least a second internal) to save all of your stuff like music/photos/anime. That way, if your main drive crashes, or if you delete your registry again, all that stuff will be safe.

Hard drives are cheap these days, too... you can get a 500GB external for around $150

isheepthings said...

Snap dude...that sucks. I've had some Failures in my day as well. I'll never forget the crash of 02'.

GL getting everything back up.

krizzlybear said...

@enyx: i HAD an external HD, but that one crapped out on me a long time ago as well. I was demoralized to have lost a good 120 gigs worth of anime. Nowadays, externals are probably more durable, but I'm actually somewhat glad that I managed to load all of my songs onto my zune, so in a way, my zune is my non-video based external HD.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you're looking to just do single frame screen captures, you could always just, y'know, rely on the screen capping within the game. Good ol' PrtScn works well for me!

If you're looking for something like Fraps, you'd have more luck looking for video capturing software. The difference is pretty significant and searching with that term is going to get you many, many more hits for what you want! I've used Fraps myself in the past for videos, but I've heard decent things about, umm, Taksi? I think that's it.

Spicytuna said...

Ouch! Not the animes! Computer problems are always painful to recover from. I actually been fixing my sister's computer problems all weekend. I ended up just backing up all her stuff on an external HD and reformatted her computer. Hope all goes well for you and your compy.

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