Friday, December 19, 2008

On Guild Exhaustion

If you haven't noticed, I've been posting slightly less this month, and for good reason. I just don't do too well in the winter months. Despite my penchant for the concept of everything frosty and cold, I get sick rather easily. I've been battling an on-and-off temperature for a few days. WoW certainly doesn't help the cause either. But I still fight on! I don't give up! I remain standing through rough times. In real life, I'm a trooper.

In WoW, not so much.

I've been demoralized by events that have transpired in my guild. Due to the allure of the new raid dungeons, the guild has been actively recruiting for 10-mans. The possibility of 25's will probably come later when the vast majority of our guild is at 80. Due to the casual nature of the guild, we're pretty lax about levelling.

At first, no one was under any sort of pressure to get to the cap (due to my sheer awesomeness, I was the first to ding 80 in my guild!). But when the first wave of 80's hit, the hunger for Kel'Thuzad's blood stirred, and all of a sudden, raiding couldn't come any sooner.

Motivated to get back into the BC raiding schedule, the first wave started doing heroics together to gear up. To their dismay, they were surprisingly difficult. Perhaps they were too used to being overgeared for BC heroics, or perhaps there was still some rust to shake off, the reality of having to overcome heroics first has shaken a few members. This was not a problem though, since they were quite well for themselves, and geared up accordingly.

This was all fine and dandy. Having been part of the guild for quite a time now, it's always been about slow and steady. Questing and regular dungeons progressed into heroic dungeons, which then progressed into the entry-level raids. Those who were part of the first wave of 80's, recruited very late into BC (pre-Wrath) began to contribute to a hemorrhage of sorts that continues until today.

"This guild isn't serious enough for me."

"This guild is progressing way too slowly."

"I was only here to level."

Many reasons why new recruits left. The first two were quite reasonable. The third irked me so much. Yes, we're casual, but we're still a raiding guild! We still expect some sort of commitment to stay and be a part of the progression, despite the pace of it. It was disheartening, and perhaps I amongst the other core members took the gquits too personally.

In reaction to this wave of departures, the officers have begun to feel desperate, and frankly, I could only wish there was something that I could do to alleviate this restlessness. There's a bunch of members who are still not at the level cap, and perhaps this second wave will be the panacea. I don't want to be restless about it, but it's only a matter of time before further hemorrhaging will result in an increased amount of pressure put on these members to hit the cap.

I for one really don't mind the pace. I'm just not sure about the others. It's a whole new world of heroics and raiding out there, and I feel that there shouldn't be a rush. Yet at the same time, it's that lax that drives potential or existing recruits away. It's the casual dilemma. Only time will tell what will happen, and I, for one, will be sure to still be there when the guild gets back into the groove of things.


GoW said...

It sounds like you wouldn't want some of these people in the guild anyway--would you really want someone who just uses a guild to level? After that, it's using a low-tier guild to raid intro, then a different mid-tier guild to raid something else, and so on.

If you start losing people you'd like to keep, then it's time to start worrying. In the meantime, focus on having fun with your friends. That's how guilds thrive anyway.

krizzlybear said...

yeah, we're good with our core. we've got plenty for one group, but some dps will be left out certain weeks. ideally, we would want two groups, which is why we, like many guilds, are looking for some more healers and tanks.

i'm doing my part by levelling up the druid, even though she'll be a third healer at best, if she ever hits 80.

Esdras said...

I ma with you on this, we are a casual raiding guild too and we are a lot of fun.

Its fuuny as a lot of the poepl who left with the same top 2 comments you put are the same popel who left to go sunwell etc and came back saying ill be with you for LK hahaha.

LarĂ­sa said...

Ah... sad to hear. I think it's dangerous to get into that sort of declining spiral. It's demoralizing. I hope you'll sort it out and that more people will realize that they're going to live with this expansion for a very long time - so long that they can very well grow out of instances to try - even if you're progressing ever so slowly.
Hope you're getting better physically as well.
Hugs and all the best

Desdarii said...

You know it's strange but my RP guild all of a suddent started doing the same. We went from casual raiders to "OMG WE NEED TO GET INTO NAXX!!!!" Many are bordering on obsession with wowjutsu scores. I'm hoping it's just a flash fever due to the new content and things will calm down in a bit.