Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Having A Greenchy Winter Veil!

For this holiday season, I decided to go the way of the sneaky crook, and stole a lot of money from "lazy-minded" individuals.

You know, the usual. Buying items from seasonal vendors for several copper, then selling them for a few gold. Farming Small Eggs in Westfall, then selling them for even more ridiculous prices. Reposting people's Winter Boots on the AH even though I never crafted them in the first place. That sort of thing.

As an alliance mage, the greatest joy of all was to venture into the depths of the Stormwind Stockade, clear it out in one giant pull (plus a leftovers pull), and repeating as many times as the server could allow me. Dusting off the old dungeon soloing guide the other day, I figured now is a good a time as ever to start doing that sort of thing again just for the sheer fun of it.

And make unfair amounts of money in the process. Not a lot of money, just an unfair amount of it.

At the end of the day, I was selling single bolts of wool for 4g buyouts, reposting undercutters all day, and selling nearly every one of them. In addition, I was letting lowbies tag along for a generous fee of 10g per run (which, by he way, adds up over several runs and a full group of people wanting free, fast experience.) Approximately five to six hundred gold for an honest day's work of facerolling Dextran Ward and about eighty others at once, just for sheer giggles.

And I apologize for neglecting the blog yesterday, but I was on a roll! I'm sure Gevlon would have been proud, but it is ironic that he's showing his softer side during this time around, spending his hard-earned cash in-game on his girlfriend. Sure, if I had a girlfriend, I probably would have done something similar, but that's an issue that I'd prefer to touch upon later.

Unable to stress this enough, I'm having a greedy little time, and having fun in the process. I truly learned the value of a "throwaway" BG. In Alterac Valley, I arrived late, after the customary zerg failed. I knew this was the situation primarily because everyone and their uncle was in a gnome costume trying out the achievement.

As a range class, I had no problem camping people from the back ranks, sniping them with shatter combos and blizzarding them at the chokepoints. On top of the Beatles-themed achievement that I earned (all during the same 30-minute buff, no less), I had acquired the Damage Control achievement, doing 300k damage even though the Stormpike reinforcements were less than 300 when I had entered initially. I managed to get the thousandth honorable kill as well. 'Tis the Season, indeed.

Merrily on my way towards the title, I'm only missing the Ogrila achievement, the Frosty Shake achievement, the cooking achievement (225 iLvl makes this a challenge, but not an impossible one), and the ones that can't be done until much later. Grandfather Winter may very well leave a lump of coal in the Boots of Foretelling that I hung up on my wall this year, but more often than not, the best gifts are often the ones you conjure for yourself.

Have a merry holidays, everyone!


Leiandra said...

Wow! You are black...

I love it!

Clarification: I'm meaning black as in "without any moral quality or goodness; evil". See Dictionary.com, definition number 9. (I certainly don't want to get into a race war.)

Fish said...

Thats a great idea, except I usually farm runecloth. Maybe I can sell ramps runs to lowbie DK's for 50g a pop. Hm, the ideas.

krizzlybear said...

@Leiandra: I know exactly what you mean. After all, the name of this blog is Frost is the New Black! =D *evil*

@Fish: Oh man, I haven't tried soloing ramps yet. I've soloed most of the Old World content, so maybe I ought to move on to Outland instances.

Runecloth is indeed a good idea, but Bolts of Woolen Cloth are common to both Winter Veil pieces.

Esdras said...

I used to farm ZF as a holy priest and made a fantastic amount of gold DE all the greens and blues and seeling all the mageweave i got.

wtfspaghetti said...

For cooking, you have to have the skill of 325, not 225 in order to make the Hot Cider.../sadpanda

Friendly fyi =D

Spicytuna said...

Haha Boots of Foretelling... they lasted me well into Sunwell o_O

I had something else to say, but now it's gone.