Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Five: What Dreams May Come

Anna has another exciting F5 post, and now that the FitNB gang is all caught up and united, it's time for the first official full edition of Friday Five!

1) Describe your character’s sleep habits. Do they eat breakfast or have other routines?

Bashertin has the average sleep schedule. Give or take, he'll have regular hours, but is quite flexible depending on the situation. He's too eager to conjure up his own breakfast, but will spend more time than most mages to make the perfect meal.

Leyola sleeps only when necessary. She doesn't eat much, so she's not picky about what she has for breakfast or when she has it. She's a working girl, so it's always on the go.

Wimzig doesn't sleep. Period. He eats whatever is available to him at the time.

2) What do they dream about at night, if anything?

Bashertin has vague, abstract dreams. They usually involve fantastic colors swirling around in an elaborate dance, and magical leylines flowing through the patterns. It's a natural effect of studying the arcanum for a very long time.

Although Leyola does not sleep often, but when she does, she has vivid dreams of the landscapes of Azeroth. Often, she will "recreates" the Emerald Dream in her sleep, but without the residual effects of actually being out-of-body.

Wimzig doesn't sleep because of his dreams. He is haunted by the Lich King in his sleep. Fortunately, undeath has no requirements for sleep.

3) Is your character a night owl or a morning songbird?

Bashertin can more easily detect the flow of arcane energy in the environment when it's daytime. Thus, he plans his actions accordingly.

Leyola is a night owl by racial nature, but is capable of operating normally under daylight conditions thanks to her training in the druidic arts.

Wimzig is a night owl, only because he likes seeing the sun go up. It invigorates his spirit.

4) What do they wear to sleep?

Bashertin has a personal collection of sleeping robes that he crafted himself, made out of mystical spellthread and the finest bolts of Imbued Frostweave Cloth. It helps keep him attuned to the arcane even as he sleeps.

Leyola prefers to to sleep outdoors amongst the trees. She will choose to sleep while in the Tree of Life form, as a means of training.

If Wimzig ever sleeps, it is probably unintentional, and thus he will be in his plate armor.

5) Is your character ticklish?

Bashertin is ticklish by nature, augmented further by the shivers he gets while casting his Frost spells. It doesn't help that his clothes are thinly layered, either!

Leyola spends a lot of her time in the Tree form, and her bark skin does not make her ticklish one bit. As a result, she is the same outside of form.

Wimzig is indeed ticklish, but is covered in plate most of the time, making the point moot. It's probably for the best anyways. His laugh, thanks to his voice augmentation as a Death Knight, tends to strike fear into others, even though he doesn't mean to do so.

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Fish said...

Hm, I had never really considered these questions. My characters kick ass, when not kicking ass. . .um its like thinking about what captain amaerica does in his spare time. . .um nothing, hes captain america lol