Monday, December 8, 2008

Meet the Cast

Name: Bash (Bashertin) Fizzleblock
Level 80 Gnome Mage
Professions: Tailoring and Enchanting
Armory Profile

An enigma to many, but gifted nonetheless, this gnomish mage is a member of the Kirin Tor. He was discovered by the mage council in Northrend, where he was encased in a giant block of ice in the southern reaches of Crystalsong, trapped for an unknown amount of time. Brought up as one of their own, the mage displayed a knack for cryomancy, which some believe to be tied to how he was discovered in the first place. Like all mages, he is currently a target of Malygos and his crusade against the arcanists of Azeroth.

Name: Wimzig Wintersprug
Level 70 Gnome Death Knight
Professions: Jewelcrafting and Inscription
Armory Profile

A former agent of the argent dawn, Wimzig was tragically slain by the Scarlet Crusade in a top-secret experiment of manipulating the undead. Due to the powers of a runic necklace that he kept as a good luck charm, the Lich King sought him out and raised him as a Death Knight. Rescued by the Knights of the Ebon Blade, he was freed from the clutches of Arthas and was reunited with his dear friend, Leyola Swiftwillow. Having no memory of his previous life, he keeps a journal that he had kept prior to his first death, called "Wimzig's Whimsy." An enthusiast of writing and calligraphy, he is a skilled scribe.

Name: Leyola Swiftwillow
Level 73 Night Elf Druid
Professions: Herbalism and Mining
Armory Profile

A second-generation Druid, Leyola's parents were veterans of the Third War, particularly the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Unlike her parents, who were trained in Feral Combat, Leyola chose to pursue the art of Restoration, healing those she would meet during her journeys. Daring to forge her own path, she joined the Argent Dawn, where she met Wimzig Wintersprug, a Frost Mage at the time. Somewhat shaken by his turn of evets, she swears to avenge her friend, and hopes to one day find the "natural cure" for undeath.


Funeral said...

I know people are going to hate me for this but... the only thing I don't like about playing Horde is that I can't be a Gnome. I mean look at those two... they are so awesome.

wtfspaghetti said...

"An enigma to many, but gifted nonetheless"

I lol'd.

I remember my lock gnome...good times lol

I have some links on my blog to your posts. Let me know if you would like to take them down.


Fish said...

A gnome deathknight? seriously? I had so much respect for you. . .well, I still do, but damn, a gnome deathknight?

krizzlybear said...

@funeral: If I had more time to play alts, I would totally play a troll. I mean, "dey be awesome mages, mon!" lol!

@wtf: Are you kidding me? Link love is always a good thing! That's practically the cardinal rule of successful blogging! Thanks a lot, bro! (or sis? iunno, i gotta re-check that on your blog...)

@fish: Gnomish Death Knights are a love/hate thing, I suppose. Whether it be due to lore, or just the concept itself, it's hard to accept. But imagine all the people who would be upset if they weren't allowed to play a death knight as a gnome. *raises hand* Wait, am I the only one? =(

Suprk said...

I am curious because I play a frost mage and many people are telling me that I will need to respec to frostfire when I hit 80. I am wondering how you are doing with your deep frost spec, and do your opinion on the deep frost spec and raiding. Any input you can offer would be most appreciated. I am currently at level 76 and am no near the quality of gear that you have or the amount of spell damage you have. Currently on a pvp server and frost has helped me out a few times when horde have tried to gank me, but I might move my character to join some real life friends on their server.