Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

I've got lots of explaining to do. Now normally, this time of year (December 25th to January 1st) spells disaster for my hobby life, since everything is put on hold for numerous family functions and impromptu get-togethers. You see, I have a few relatives that come up from the States from time to time, and it's always a blast. Spending time with the cousins is always fun, too. And with family around, that usually spells hangovers for me.

That said, December 24, 25, 31, January 1 are a wash. There's no getting around to that. December 26 is also a no-show because of Boxing Day, and due to staying up all night and getting into line at 3 o'clock in the morning to buy electronics for really cheap (got an Xbox-360 amongst others), then sleeping for the rest of the day.

For family impromptu stuff, we had last minute get-togethers on the 27th, and on the 29th for the cousins to take the littler cousins to watch Twilight (very nice tween fluff and good chemistry between attractive co-stars).

So where does that leave 30th? Sick. Terrible cold. Couldn't even drink as much to ring in the new year, because hangover symptoms for me are amplified by illness.

And now, I'm back, but till a bit sick, though! This learns me to have pre-arranged posts for instances of sick days and unavailability. But iunno. 9 consecutive days worth of filler posts wouldn't float well with anyone. Heck, I don't even think Matticus would have the blog-fu in him to do so without some modicum of assistance.

Me? I get none. I play the game solo, and this is what I get for not being around. Le Sigh! Oh well. Time to catch y'all up on stuff.

Individual Progress
- Bashertin finally got new shoulders to replace his Loot Reaver mantle, and is a head slot away from Superior. It won't happen anytime soon, because his current piece has a lot of Hit on it.
- Leyola is 77 and has epic flight! She also has Cold Winter Flying! Now the herb/mineral farming can truly begin in between pug groups.
- Wimzig has become the REAL moneymaker in the group, doing Jewelcrafting dailies almost exclusively, and selling the Dragon Eyes for ridiculous prices. He's still 70, though.

Guild Progress
For some reason, the awkward post-Wrath conundrum that surrounds the guild is still there. We're still hemorrhaging all of the new members we get. Recently, it's been in part to other up and coming guilds stealing healers and tanks away from us. We have fallen into the trap of recruiting dishonest alts who are only there to scout things up and combing through the ranks and spiriting away our new recruits.

Well, I've got a few choice expletives for them, but I'd rather not say it here. All I am going to say is that Ironwill Mercenaries does not condone dishonesty, forgery, or underhandedness. And don't think we don't know which guilds are responsible, as well. We got your numbers, and don't expect us to help you out any time soon, or even acknowledge you with any common decency. And that is that.

I hate to end the post on such a nasty note, but I have an equally nasty cold still lying around, and I don't have much left in me. I think I'll do a boss strat soon, though. Anyways, happy new year again, and I'll see ya around.


Drazmor said...

That was quite an angry post. Rightfully so.

Merry New Year anyway though.


Pike said...

Hope you get over that cold soon! <3