Monday, January 12, 2009

Death Knight 101: Introduction

Wimzig is mad at me.

He is not satisfied by the amount of Frost Death Knight content. All the attention I've been placing on Bashertin (Frosty Foes, etc.) with regards to Frost Mage information is fine to an extent, but I have clearly neglected dear old Wimzig. Where's the light theorycraft? Frost Tanking tips? So on, and so forth.

Because sometimes, (questionable) roleplay just isn't enough.

Well, I've been caught in a phenomenon again. Shortly after the release of Lich King, I plowed Bashertin all the way to 80 in short time, giving me a good amount of time to bring Wimzig up to 70. Of course, Outlands was overpopulated with Death Knights, and 4 DK/1 Healer dungeons were the norm.

Scracth that. 1-2 idiot DK/2-3 normal DK/Healer dungeons were the norm. All the way up from Ramparts to Shadow Labs. Fast leveller that I am, I decided to go ahead of this wave and level him quickly so I can get somewhat normal groups going, and actually learn how to Frost Tank without having my mobs Death Gripped away from me.

Once the gnome hit 70 ahead of the general populace, I placed a good amount of attention on levelling Leyola, while at the same time, levelling up Wimzig's professions.

Now the druid is 80, Wimzig is back in the driver's seat, and is taking names in the Nexus and Utgarde Keep. Unfortunately, those "deathtards" and "doucheknights" caught up in Wimzig's absence in Northrend.

Now can you see why he's so mad at me?

To make it up to him, I am going to devote a bit of time on this blog to attempt to teach the basics of death knightery, covering topics ranging from combat, spellbook, talents, specs, and frost-specific strategies. While doing so, I hope to present the material in a straightforward, simplified way. Hopefully, if any Deathnoob happens to read this and learn something from it, I will atone for ignoring Wimzig.

See you on the other side of Acherus!


LarĂ­sa said...

I haven't even done the starting quests for DK:s and I feel pretty bad about it, I must be the only person left in the game who hasn't. Anyway at some point I guess I'll come around to do it. Until then it isn't a bad idea to get the basics from a good and easy-to-read mentor like you.

Fish said...

Ew, frost! I just look at it and it seems so un-fun. Although I didn't think dancing rune weapon would be cool either and I was wrong there. I had to go blood all the way. I agree though, too many deathn00bs. . .

wtfspaghetti said...

"Scracth that. 1-2 idiot DK/2-3 normal DK/Healer dungeons were the norm""

I chuckled to

GL on the deathknightary.

For some reason, there seems to be a lack of frost spec'd DK's. Not sure why though, I have fun with mine, maybe I'm missing something...come to think about it...I am probably missing something lol.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about (or already done) conributing to Raider 101? It was created by Blessing of Kings and he's linked it on his blog and what not. Pretty sweet/simple setup so far. Anyone can login to help edit (I think). Go check it out! I'm sure your input would be great! ...unless your input is already on there hehe

Esdras said...

Im gonna roll a death knight soon and roll him a tank.

Supposed to be easy to play though so will need to wait and see.

Drazmor said...

Doucheknights are pushing into that little steryotypical niche we call huntards...

Anonymous said...

I'm actually having alot of fun using your mage AOE guide with my DK and preist buddy! It's super easy quick killing if you know how to use your char. Plate ftw