Friday, July 18, 2008

Top 10 WoW Memories

Normally, this post would be "Why I WoW," according to Blog Azeroth's shared topic, but I was more intrigued by the WoW memories one (even though I didn't start blogging until after that one was posted). So here is my ultimate cop-out:

Why do I WoW? Because of the memories. Here are 10 of my favs.

/dodge tomatoes. I told you I was pretty cheap.

10) Dinging Exalted with Shattered Sun Offensive - Ok, so yesterday I said I would do it that night. But it turned out that I dinged friendly with the Violet Eye instead. Yep. Kara night, and I completely forgot about it. Oh well, not Exalted yet, but right now, the process of planning for exalted is quite the highlight of the month so far (which is pretty important, since I've only been playing WoW for maybe 4-5 months now).

9) First Raid - it was a hosted MC raid. I had just dinged 70, so the first thing I did was raid molten core with 39 other people I didn't know, organized by the MC hosting guild in our server, Knights Templar. I don't think I've ever been with so many people in one tiny place. AV is huge too, but half the time, most people are in the graveyard, lol. Oh, I got the Arcanist Belt drop that night, but didn't use it because I had lvl 70 gear already. So I AH'ed it for around 100g. Good times.

8) First time getting ganked - before settling down on a PvE server, I rolled a PvP server with my 10 day trial account. I had levelled a human mage up to 20, which was the trial level cap i think. I was running over the bridge in Redridge, the one that leads to Lakeshire. It's a pretty long bridge, and not a lot of traffic goes on there. It's empty enough that people won't hear you scream when you get backstabbed and stunlocked by a cloaked rogue. I didn't even know what hit me. I was just dead on the spot. Oh yeah, a little corpse camping on the side as well. Not exactly a fond memory, but I was fascinated by the nature of PvP in WoW in general because of this.

7) First Instance - I pugged a deadmines group with a bunch of other nooblets. Despite the sloppiness of our group dynamics (no clear tanking role, priests letting clothies die, priests dying, pulling half the room), we actually made it through. That particular trip was highlighted by winning my first ever Need vs Need roll against a warlock on an Emberstone Staff that Greenskin dropped that run. That staff lasted me until Scarlet Monastery where I picked up some sort of weapon from Arcanist Doan.

6) First Step Into Outland - I walked through the dark portal, and stepped into Hellfire Peninsula. The carnage was intense. I remember a bunch of NPC's battling down a bunch of demons and this huge mofo that was leading them. I tried helping for some reason, even though I was a 58 and they were level ???. Yep. I died. Was still awesome though.

5) First Flying Mount - I only got this recently, maybe towards the end of June. Managed to save up enough G for the mount, and accidentally clicked on the white one instead of the dark one. =( Oh well. They all look awesome, so I wasn't too disappointed. I played around with it, flew around everywhere, but the funniest thing I did was fly really high and see if I could cast a teleport before I hit the ground. Well, when you cast teleport while mounted, you sorta fail to do so. And if you're mounted, you sorta lose your mount. And if you're falling a billion feet from the air, you sorta can't summon your mount again. We all know how this ends. With an iceblock. Whew!

4) First Battleground - Hooray for Alterac Valley! Luckily, my first BG was a truly memorable one. When the gates opened, everyone was on their mount, and I was like OMFG AWESEOM LETS CHARGE. And so we did, and everyone was up in each others faces like "TAKE THAT HORDE!" and "DIE ALLIANCE SCUM." I was not too well-versed in PvP tactics. Essentially, my strategy was (and still is) to frostbolt anything that moves, and blizzard anything that moves in groups. Oh, and to Frost Nova and GTFO if a melee tried to kill me. It was sweet. We got pushed back to one of our capture points, but held it for a good amount of time. I stood on the roof of some place, and blizzarded from above for a good 5 or 6 minutes before I OOM'ed and got DoTed to death by a shadow priest. Suck. But it was pretty epic either way.

3) That stairs event in ZF where you have to fend off at least a billion enemies, with the help of other NPCs. That's when I came out of my single-target closet, and just blizzed the living snot out of anything with red colored names. I OOM'ed like crazy, using up all my mana gems, and all the pots that I had at the time. Oh, and no warlocks to steal my spotlight. It was beautiful.

2) Bashertin's epic ding at 70 - My main dinged 70 in Shadow Labyrinth by downing the second boss, whose name escapes me. He was the one who randomly casts mind control on EVERYONE, causing everyone in your party to just start wailing away at each other. Well, awesomesauce that I am, the CPU somehow knew how to use Shatter combos. Cold Snap, re-summon Water Elemental, cast Frostbolt on our priest, Freeze at the last second, Crit Frostbolt followed by a Crit Ice Lance. Yeah, he died. At least it wasn't the tank. Anyways, after that MC thing wore off, the rogue in our group grabbed aggro because he forgot about the threat reset after the MC, so he died. It essentially boiled down to me, the tank, and a hunter I believe. I ran out of mana because of multiple Arcane Missile/Blizzard casts from the Mind Control. I essentially wanded him down for the last 2%. For the win.

1) Worst grief EVER - I was the hugest noob back then, maybe level 3 or 4. I get a whisper:

[someguy]: I'm leaving WoW for good, wanna have all of my gold?
[Bashertin]: to [someguy]: sure
someguy has invited you to a group.
loot set to uncommon.
someguy wants to summon you.

Ok, notice that it doesn't say to which instance. It's because he's a warlock. I guess this is where my hatred for warlocks began. Those damn jerks. I clicked OK. Turns out, I get summoned to a really high-up branch in Skettis. I'm like "holy crap wtf" and in voice chat, I'm hearing a bunch of guys laughing and then I see them fly off on their mounts, and I'm like =(

Even worse, I take a wrong step and fall to my untimely death. About 8000 damage upon impact. Oh, did i forget to mention that I didn't know what a hearthstone was, so I threw it away as soon as I first started playing the game? Damn.

Well, the guys weren't really that bad at all. The lock summoned me back to Shattrath, and told me where to get a hearthstone. So in the end, I essentially got what I would learn to be "a free port to shat". And 1g. not too shabby. Looking back, I was probably really mad, but also very amused because I had fallen for such an obvious prank. I laughed along with them, and they gave me props for being a good sport.

But I still hate warlocks. That will never change.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I saw your blog intro on Blog Azeroth, and thought I'd take a look. I have never leveled a mage past level 32, but she's Frost, and I'm pumped for Death Knights. You level so much faster than me too! Only been playing 4-5 months? Crazy.

Were you lucky enough to get into Beta to try out a Death Knight? That's my dream.

I have a blog about Moonkins, if you wanna take a look. I like yours and I love the line under your header.

Take it easy.