Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No Longer a Blogosphere Virgin...

Yeah, so my epic ding promise is being put on hold for now. Doing overtime severely hampers those plans for now. For some reason, I find it quite reassuring that I can still access blogger from my workstation, even though I can't get into BBB or wowinsider.

"Ok, let's take a look around" I said, randomly clicking through nonfiltered wow blogs, "...oh, Twisted Nether, I wonder what this is abo-"

After that, I didn't get much work done for the rest of the day. I'm doing nothing for my overtime as I'm writing this. Ok, well, not really nothing. Something. Whatever.

So I stumbled upon the following blogs:

Armaggedon's coming
Critical QQ
I Sheep Things...
Molten Mage
My mage sucks.
The Pink Pigtail Inn

plus a few others, but these ones are mage blogs. And that makes me incredibly giddy, particularly the blogs represented by gnome mages. Hooray! I don't feel so alone anymore. BUt yeah, a shoutout to everyone who runs the above listed blogs. Gnomes are awesome, mages are awesome, together they are 2awesome.

Added them all to my "blogroll", which up until yesterday I thought had something to do with Rick Astley. Praise Elune that isn't the case.


Anonymous said...

You are definitely not alone!

Zupa said...
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LarĂ­sa said...

Hi there! I'm glad you popped buy my blog and made me aware of your existence. Gnome mages rock! Now, let's conquer the Blogosphere together!

You're added, ofc.

Zupa said...

Hi and welcome my frosty brother!

I'm always happy to see another mage blog hit the web, in particular a frosty one.

I am feeling slightly outnumbered by all you gnomes however!

Stay cool ;)

- Zupa

Spicytuna said...

Another Frostie! I think you and I would get along just fine. Someone else for me to talk other Video Games and Anime too! Looking forward to hearing more from you!