Friday, November 21, 2008

Wimzig's Whimsy: I am Reborn!

It feels...strange. The sensation of death undone. I remember nothing, yet my goal is clearer than ever. I serve the ebon hand, and I fight for them until my last breath. I fight for those I have lost. I fight for those who have lost me. I am a Death Knight, a pawn of the scourge, reformed to deliver cold vengence. Hated by many, merly tolerated by few. I accept my destiny to take arms against Arthas in his quest for power.

A mage no more, but the ice still flows coldly in my veins. Frost I shall remain, now and forever.


Sonny said...

I feel like I comment on all of your posts with nothing but, "Hell yeah," but, erm, this blog gets me pumped, so...

Hell yeah!

To be clear, is this Bashertin reborn or a whole other gnome?

tumult said...

Just what a good gnome needs: glowing blue eyes!

I sure hope they make an archmage or necromancer/lich type hero class.

Anonymous said...

I've hear rumors leveling a frost Deathknight is hella hard. Good luck.

But a true necromancer class would be awesome. I love my unholy specced deathknight. Me and my ghoul have long deepful discussions on the taste of Taurens. LOL!

Mae said...

Good to see another gnome reborn to the dark destiny! I rolled a gnome DK over this last week and I love her!