Wednesday, November 5, 2008

In Between NaNo's

So yeah, haven't done a regular post in a while. Blame the novel! Go ahead, I dare ya! It's my baby, so I will sit here and defend it to my dying breath. Unfortunately, I've reached a point in the storyline planning-wise that I think I may have to spoil myself with Lich King Lore, since there's a bunch of details that I need to know in order to fit the story as best as I can with the main storyline.

In-game, I've shelved Bashertin indefinitely until the expansion hits. Too much time NOT writing to do anything worthwhile in WoW, so I spent my last badges on the Scryer's Blade of Focus, and called it an expansion. At approximately a thousand or so spell damage, hit capped, and a very small health pool, Bashertin has come a long way from level 1. I'm proud of him, and I eagerly wait for the expac to hit.

And Leyola. Well, she's a different case. I've been having a lot of fun healing Outlands instances. I've been pugging out on normal UB, BF, HR, and SP so many times (rather quickly too, because at least 80% of the time, a 70 had helped out his guildie who was part of the initial PuG), that I didn't even know that I had levelled up TWICE without doing a single quest. Wild Growth? Best 5-man healing spell EVER. EVER. EVAAARRRRR!!!

Here's a thought regarding my time spent on alts, particularly with Wimzig/Leyola/Death Knight. What if Wimzig became the death knight? Something I've considered, and will get back to you on when the time is right.

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